Kristian Dimofte

A contemporary artist with a remarkable presence in the world of art and jewelry. A self-taught artist, Kristian holds onto ancient goldsmithing traditions, creating unique jewelry pieces and art objects that showcase his incredible skills.

He is passionate for ancient treasures and international style roots where he draws strength and translates the power into his artwork, thus creating his own unique style.

A dental technician at heart, Kristian is dedicated to using the classic artisan technique of crafting designs in wax before completing these intricate sculptures with precious metals and gemstones. He believes that every piece of fine jewelry should be a miniature work of art.

In 2017, the artist takes great steps to offer the beauty to as many people as possible and creates the "Tracia Amei" collection, which is now part of the National Patrimony of Romania. After that, he participated in one of Europe's oldest jewelry exhibitions, "Jewelry and Watch," becoming the first goldsmith to represent the country at this event, followed by a series of personal and group exhibitions.

Kristian Dimofte is a master craftsman, delivering an exquisite blend of both traditional and modern designs that bring to life unique works of art made from precious metals and gemstones that will last a lifetime.

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